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Fully Trained… 

As an Object, it understands and accepts it can NOT be anything else… this is its life.

Not so fully trained. It’s grabbing it’s cock…an object never grabs it’s cock without being supervised

I cannot tell the gay fetish community how much i freaking despise this kind of shitty “object” rhetoric. Maybe if it was the right kinda picture then that would be cool, but this sub is clearly a pup. It was an object or a slave he’d be wearing a friggin rubber catsuit and be in chastity- he’s not even fucking collared! It’s a pup chillin by the pool. This kind of fanfic, especially from that dickblogger objectd IMHO is the cancer of the gay fetish community on tumblr. If half the dudes that wrote this shit had ever been truly owned or been an owner then they would know that subs deserve way more respect than this. The majority are not a cumdump, and are not an object for use, they are human being that should be loved more than most for trusting you with everything that he is or could be. And I find this, THIS shitty rhetoric so upsetting because it will convince young subs that it is all they should be and that is wrong. Fuck this i’m gonna start video blogging soon, the stupidity in some members of this community is too much to handle anymore. We all deserve better than this.

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Some of objectd pics are good but I always remove his comments because of exactly this reasons

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